The water treatment business is a business that purifies contaminated water.

EcoOne Technologies will grow with customers based on trust as well as expertise through technological innovation and systematic business strategies. EcoOne Technologies is making its best effort by selecting the water treatment business as a new future growth engine. Through partnerships with domestic and international companies with a wealth of knowledge and experience accumulated in the field of water treatment, we are striving to become one of the leading companies in the area.


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Patents 18 patents including a Diffuser device for uniform generation of air bubble (10-0935997-0000)
Performance Certification 3 certifications including a Diffuser device with microporous high elongation disc-type membrane (Gyeonggi-20180455-2-11)
Certification 3 certifications including the start-up business certification (No. 20190111139)
R&D Center Corporate R&D center (No. 2011112610) established and operated
Major Products Membrane Diffuser (Disc and Tube Types), UV Sterilizer (Tube and Channel types), Ozone Generator, On-site Sodium Hypochlorite Generator. etc
Other Certification Specialty Construction (Sungdong 15 - 11 - 01), Technology Innovation-oriented SME (Inno-Biz) certification