Disc-type Diffuser

Disc-type membrane diffuser

Disc-type circular diffuser with micro-porous high-elasticity disc membrane that efficiently disperses and supplies oxygen into the wastewater by supplying air from the blower in the sewage and wastewater treatment plant to water in the reaction tank

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Micro-porous high-elasticity disc membrane
Uniform intervals and a large number of diffusers
Increased efficiency by securing a large number of pores
Processing of fine pores with uniform intervals
Securing a large number of pores per unit area
Outer circumferential ring coupled diffuser shape maintenance technology
Can prevent separation between the cover plate (membrane disc) and the main body base by fastening the fixture ring
High-durability membrane disc
Ethylene propylene diene polymer butyl rubber containing process oil
High-elasticity, and excellent aeration properties due to high flexibility
Excellent elasticity, low pressure loss, and longer life


No. model name diameter (mm) airflow
oxygen transfer efficiency
[per m]
pressure loss
No. of pores
1 EDD-09 270±10 50~120 5% or more Less than 300 4,000 or more
2 EDD-12 350±10 120~150 5% or more Less than 350 6,000 or more
3 EDD-20 520±20 150~250 5% or more Less than 400 8,000 or more