Ozone Generator

Ozone Generator

Ozone generator based on strong oxidizing power
(advanced water treatment, sewage/wastewater treatment, mine wastewater treatment, etc.)

Ozone Generator

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We will be with you in the new engine of the future, the environment industry

EcoOne Technologies is making its best efforts by selecting the ozone generator business as a future growth engine.
We do not spare efforts in developing technology while designing and building ozone generator technology with various construction experiences accumulated in the ozone generator field.

Principles of ozone generation

The gas (air/O2) supplied from the oxygen supply device generates ozone by the silent discharge method in the ozone generator and is supplied to the reaction tank to remove organic matter, sterilize, and treat color and other harmful organic substances based on the strong oxidizing power.

Ozone facility components

Characteristics of ozone generator

  • Structure type : double open tube structure, silent discharge, medium frequency type, water cooling type
  • Discharge tube
  • 1) Discharge tube material : Steel piping + borosilicate glass + aluminum coating -> increased discharge efficiency
  • 2) Ozone generation is maximized due to a constant discharge gap
  • 3) Discharge voltage: less than about 9,400 V
  • 4) Discharge tube breakdown voltage: more than about 50,000 V -> increased durability
  • 5) In case of damage due to individual fuse method, normal operation is possible without rest.
  • 6) High efficiency with improved cooling tube and low consumption of cooling water