UV Sterilizer

Tube type UV sterilizer

UV energy permanently changes the DNA structure of bacteria and microorganisms in the water, enabling stable water quality through UV sterilization

We will be with you in the new engine of the future, the environment industry.

EcoOne Technologies is making its utmost effort by selecting the ultraviolet sterilizer business as a new future growth engine. With ample construction experiences accumulated in the field of ultraviolet sterilization equipment, we do not spare efforts in developing technologies while designing and building core technologies for UV disinfection (sterilization).


Speed-controlled cleaning system
Cleaning system to control the speed of the middle and the end parts
Round O-ring is applied to the side with strong physical properties while the soft sleeve-adhering part is applied to the opposite part
Modular support frame
Combines double-sided modular support frame sleeves
O-ring + space + fastening nut