Tube-type Diffuser

Tube-type membrane diffuser

A tube-type diffuser with micro-porous, high-elasticity disc-type membrane that efficiently distributes and supplies oxygen into the wastewater by supplying air from the blower in the sewage/wastewater treatment plant to water in the reaction tank.

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Tube-type diffuser using an air intake hole and elastic tubes with closed-off valves
Intake hole support tube and elastic tube
Comprised of 2 intake holes in the input and end support part
Same pressure air supplied to the end
The pressure applied to each diffuser pore is the same, extending the life of the elastic tube
Support pipe and tube defect using fixing groove
Low pressure loss applied to the tube from the input part to the end part by installing two upper and lower intake holes
Improving the bonding properties by providing a fixing groove/locking threshold on the connecting part of the input part and the end part
External rotation groove and internal thread joint
Easy fastening without damaging the elastic tube of the support and air supply pipe by applying the coupling
Prevents air leakage due to compression fastening of support and air supply pipes using rotating grooves


No. Model diameter (mm) Length(mm) airflow
Oxygen transfer efficiency
[tap water per m]
pressure loss
minimum number of pores
1 EDT6-1000 Ø64±2 1000±10 100~300 5%wt or more 500 or more 10,000 or more
2 EDT9-1000 Ø94±2 1000±10 200~400 5%wt or more Less than 600 15,000 or more